Cowboys Fan Went Shopping In Walmart on Horseback After Win Against Cincinnati Bengals (VIDEO)

The 2022 season was a great start for Dallas Cowboys fans.

The Cowboys were without Dak Prescott, their star quarterback. There was a lot of criticism about the Cowboys’ inability to win Sunday’s game against Cincinnati Bengals.

Everyone was stunned when the hme team beat Joe Burrow and now 0-2 Bengals in a wild 20-17 win that was sealed by Brett Maher’s 50 yard field goal at the end of time.

One Cowboys fan rode atop a horse while wearing his Prescott jersey in the wake of the win.

Cooper Rush was now the coach. The 28-year old finished the game with 19 for 31 passing yards, one touchdown, and zero interceptions. He also had a 95.5 passer rating.

When the Cowboys travel to New York to face the Giants in Week 3, they will be looking to improve their.500 rating.

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