Cowboys Expected to Release Promising WR as New Talent Shines

Dallas Cowboys are expected to trim their roster down to 53 players by August 29. One name that may be dropped is a wide receiver in which Dallas has made a significant investment. Simi Fehoko, a former Stanford Cardinals wide receiver who has been on the team for more than two years, is expected to be moved by the Cowboys.

Brandin Cooks’ addition to the WRs has been a significant boost, but it also means that there is less room at the bottom for projects. Pro Football Network ‘s most recent 53-man roster predictions expect Dallas to drop Fehoko in favor of a group consisting of six wide receivers next week:

CeeDee lamb’
Brandin Cooks
Michael Gallup
Jalen Tolbert
KaVontae Turpin
Jalen Brooks

Gallup is getting a second chance because the Cowboys have committed to spending on him. Tolbert was a third round pick a year ago.

Turpin and Brooks may be the only two players where this is uncertain. However, both have additional skills (in Turpin’s instance, he can return kicks and punts) which make them highly valuable to keep around.

Jalen Brooks is at the top of any list of names that could force Fehoko out. PFN describes Brooks’ strong performance in camp. Brooks is willing to put in the hard work of being a wide receiver, as well as make eye-catching plays.

PFN’s projection says that Brooks has a good chance of making the team if he continues to play like he is. Brooks’ ability to create separation and run routes has also been noted.

Dallas Cowboys faced a 4th and-4 in their latest preseason matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. The Cowboys decided to go for it. They designed a play where Brooks would need to separate and make the catch. Brooks responded to the call.

Brooks is not guaranteed to make the 53-man roster, but he’s impressing. The seventh-round draft pick did not enter Training Camp in high regard, but now he is gaining a great deal more respect.

Cooks could end up being better than the Cowboys hoped. Cooks’ experience can be used to help his team win games and also improve their performance off the field.

Yahoo Sports Charles Robinson visited training camps in the NFL over the last few weeks. His main takeaway was Cooks’ impact.


“Brandin Cooks is still fast as hell and immediately looked like an upgraded dimension in the offense. But one of the interesting things that a Cowboys source mentioned was that Cooks was so overwhelmingly professional from the second he walked through the door,” Robinson wrote. “The source said Cooks had been great at engaging with younger players on both sides of the ball and that he’s the kind of veteran you hope to have in a wide receivers room but don’t always get.”

Cooks’ ability as a mentor to younger players could be a reason Brooks is performing better than expected. Dallas is looking to him to perform on the field, but Cowboys are lacking a veteran leader since Amari Cooper’s departure.

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