Cowboys Defense Takes A Hit Before Playoff Game vs. 49ers

Sunday’s postseason match will see the Dallas Cowboys take on the San Francisco 49ers. This is their first postseason meeting since 1995. America’s Team will not be entering at 100 percent.

Keanu Neal, Cowboys’ starting linebacker, was ruled out of the game earlier this afternoon due to a biceps injury. This former Pro Bowler was one of their best linebackers this season.

Neal had five starts and 72 tackles. He also made four tackles for loss. He was fourth in tackles.

The Cowboys are fortunate to have Micah Parsons (linebacking) and Leighton VanderEsch (linebacking). They had only one game together all year.

This past regular season, the Cowboys defense was among the best in the league. They allowed a franchise record of 115 points in 2020. However, they allowed 115 less points in 2021 despite having played an extra game.

It shouldn’t surprise that Dallas’ defense fortunes have reverted to a win record.

If the Cowboys are to beat San Francisco 49ers, their defense must be strong. San Francisco has one of the most powerful rushing attacks in the league, which must be stopped immediately.

This game will be dominated by the linebackers. They might even decide it.

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