Cowboys Could ‘Upgrade’ by Targeting Journeyman QB, Says Analyst

The Dallas Cowboys might have a surprising choice for a quarterback.

David Howman from SB Nation’s Blog the Boys says the Cowboys have the option to “upgrade” their underwhelming quarterback situation. Three unproven players are behind Dak Prescott: Cooper Rush, Ben DiNucci, and Will Grier. The Cowboys’ three backup quarterbacks are all winners.

Howman suggests that Josh Rosen, a former top 10 draft pick and journeyman, is one option. Last season, the 25-year-old quarterback was Matt Ryan’s primary backup with the Atlanta Falcons. He failed to impress, as he completed only 2-of-11 passes for touchdowns and two interceptions during a limited time.

Howman believes Rosen’s early struggles in his career were due to his team’s offensive line play. Howman believes Rosen can revive his career in Dallas by being a backup with an offensive line better than the one Rosen had to face in previous stops.

“The Cowboys’ offensive line performed well below the franchise’s standard in 2021, but they were still better than anything Rosen has had thus far in his career,” says Howman. “And it’s difficult, if not entirely impossible, to evaluate a young quarterback prospect when they’re under that much duress.”

Pro Football Focus reports that the Cowboys ranked third in league pass blocking with a 80.0 grade. Rosen’s Falcons team ranked second in pass blocking, with a 52.4 grade.

The Arizona Cardinals had a 55.7 pass blocking grade during Rosen’s rookie season 2018. This was the lowest mark in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins ‘s next season in 2019 saw Rosen post a 69.7 pass blocking grade ranking 18th in all of the NFL.

The point made by Howman is, in short, very valid. Rosen could have a chance to show the potential that made him the No. 1 quarterback if he lined up behind the Cowboys elite offensive line. 10th overall pick in 2018 NFL draft.

Howman says that Rosen was a highly-respected prospect who came out of UCLA because of this reason. He was regarded as a highly intelligent and fundamentally sound quarterback.

Howman says that Rosen would not have to worry about his protection ever breaking down in Dallas. This would allow his best qualities to shine.” If the Cowboys could get Rosen like he did in college, they would automatically be one of the top backups in the league and possibly turn into a hot commodity in trade down the line.

Rosen’s career statistics aren’t exactly encouraging — a 3-13 record with 12 touchdowns and 21 interceptions, but he has played in some of his most difficult situations during his short career. Rosen played for four teams in his four first seasons of the league.

It’s unlikely that Dallas will pursue Rosen, considering the Cowboys already have four experienced quarterbacks on their roster.

Rosen might be worth the risk if any Cowboys quarterback is injured unexpectedly.

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