Cowboys Could Reportedly Hire Fired NFL Head Coach

This off-season could see significant turnover in the coaching staff for the Dallas Cowboys. They are fortunate that several NFL head coaches who were recently fired are now looking for work.

The Cowboys’ defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will likely attract a lot of attention from other teams that do not have a head coach. These would include the Broncos Bears, Dolphins, Dolphins, and Vikings. They could be joined by the Giants or Texans at the end of each day.

If Quinn is hired as head coach, the Cowboys will require a new defensive coordinator. Mike Zimmer, former head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, could be the ideal candidate. Zimmer worked as an assistant for the Cowboys, and has strong ties to the Jones family.

Mike Fisher, Cowboy Maven’s believes Zimmer would be an excellent candidate to replace Quinn in the event he departs.

According to NFL Network, Mike Zimmer was officially fired by the Vikings Monday morning. has been told by sources that Zimmer, a former Cowboys assistant and with strong ties to the Jones family, will be on the short list of possible Quinn replacements in the event that Dan Quinn, the current defensive coordinator, moves on to a job as a head coach.

The idea seems to be loved by many.

Vic Fangio is another possibility for the Cowboys, if Dan Quinn takes a job as head coach. He is a defensive-minded veteran coach.

If Quinn leaves, the Cowboys will have many options for filling the DC role.

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