Cowboys Could Land Former Top-10 Pick in Trade

C.J. Henderson, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ starting cornerback, is open to being traded by the team. Henderson and the Dallas Cowboys make a lot of sense as a possible landing spot. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported there is an “impression” around the NFL that the Jaguars are looking to trade Henderson.

“A surprise: Many team executives believe that #Jaguars have C.J. Fowler tweeted that Henderson, the ninth overall pick in 2020, is available for trade. “Jacksonville gave the impression to some league circles that they are looking for Henderson, a high-pedigree rookie player. According to a source, Henderson is doing well after his return from the Covid-19/reserve roster. They might keep him. The team loves its corners, and Henderson would be interested.”

Henderson is only one year away from becoming the No. After a stellar career at Florida, Henderson was the No. 9 pick in 2020 NFL Draft. In free agency, Shaquill Griffin was signed by the Jaguars. Sidney Jones and rookie D.J. Jones are also available. Daniel is on the roster. Henderson played in eight games notching 36 tackles, six pass deflections and an interception.

105.3 The Fan’s Jeff Cavanaugh believes the Cowboys are a great fit for Henderson, if they’re willing to trade with the Jaguars. Cavanaugh said that Henderson was a player who impressed Cowboys defensive coach Dan Quinn during the pre-draft process. Already, we have seen the Cowboys try to add defensive players to their roster that fit Quinn’s needs.

“Generally when you hear a name and then you hear Cowboys I have to tweet out ‘no’,” Cavanaugh noted on Twitter. “But CJ Henderson? For a total of $7.5 million, you would take on a 3 year contract. It is worth asking what it would cost. If you are wondering if Dan Quinn was CJ Henderson’s fan in the draft, the answer is “Yes.”

During a June 1st interview on The Cris Collinsworth Podcast, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy indicated the team was pleased with their current cornerback depth chart. However, Henderson was not available for a high price and upside.

McCarthy replied, “Well, one thing we talk about all of the time is that we’re constantly looking, and we’re always seeking to upgrade, and to add.” McCarthy replied, “There is no doubt there, but also the salary cap. That’s something we’re extremely focused on. That’s why you were able to see, I believe, that 11 draft picks was deliberate. We had 10 selections going in but it was important to be able select this year. This was both for the overall picture and long-term planning of our roster development. We’re always on the lookout, but I love the competition we have backend. It will be interesting to see how all this turns out.”

The Cowboys will likely be facing an NFC opponent if they enter the Henderson sweepstakes. Jeff Duncan, The Times-Picayune’s reporter, reported that the Saints are looking at all options in order to acquire Henderson.

“No surprise, the Saints are looking at trade options for a cornerback. Henderson of the Jaguars. Stay tuned,” Duncan noted on Twitter.

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