Cowboys Could Be Option for 3-Time Pro Bowl QB, Says Analyst

The Dallas Cowboys might be looking for a backup quarterback.

With their backup quarterback spot undecided, the Cowboys will be entering training camp. Cooper Rush, Will Grier, and Ben DiNucci all started four games in their NFL careers. David Howman from SB Nation’s Blogging The Boys suggests that Dallas might consider a more experienced backup in order to solve their problems.

Cam Newton, a former MVP and three time Pro Bowl quarterback, is one of the names being considered. Newton played in eight games and started five games for the Carolina Panthers during the 2021 season. Howman claims that Newton is a better backup for Dak Prescott than any other options.

“That’s why we’re talking about him as a backup option and not a starter,” says Howman. “Stylistically speaking, Newton is a better fit to backup Dak Prescott than any other available options. Newton’s size and physicality mirror that of Prescott without losing the mobility that make him a viable dual threat when necessary. Additionally, his wealth of experience in the NFL would provide for a less significant drop-off in the event he ever ended up actually playing.”

It’s clear that Newton’s vast experience as a backup is his biggest selling point. Newton, 33 years old, has been considered a starter in all 11 of his professional seasons. He has also led a team to the Super Bowl and been a starter on four playoff teams.

It is also possible to believe that Newton would accept a lower salary if given the chance. This is the same player that accepted a $1.05 million base salary with the New England Patriots in the 2020 offseason. Newton will not be a starting quarterback for any team so his best chance at a roster spot as a backup is unlikely.

Is it really necessary for the Cowboys to have an experienced backup quarterback? Dallas seems to be quite confident with their young backup quarterbacks, regardless of whether fans agree.

Rush, 28, led the Cowboys’ dramatic victory over the Minnesota Vikings. This was his only start in the season. Rush threw 325 yards, two touchdowns, and a game-winning touchdown to Amari Cooper in Dallas’ 20-16 win over Minnesota.

Former third-round pick Grier is back and DiNucci enters his third season after he started a game in 2020.

Newton’s recent troubling play is further complicating the situation. Newton has lost 13 of his last 13 games as the Panthers’ starting quarterback — going back to 2018, , and his quarterback rating is still below 82.9 over the past three seasons.

Pro Football Focus reported that Newton had a 53.1 offensive and a 46.5 passing score. To put it in perspective, Newton’s passing and offensive grades were the worst among all quarterbacks who played regularly during the 2021 season.

Newton’s dual threat ability is definitely appealing — he ran for 12 touchdowns in the 2020 season. However, his limited passing skills make him an unlikely choice for the Cowboys.

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