Cowboys blocked punt goes horribly wrong in hilarious special teams disaster (Video)

Although the Dallas Cowboys attempted to block a punt against Denver Broncos’, they blew it all up in one go.To win against the Denver Broncos, the Cowboys must have something. Instead, even seemingly positive plays are moving towards Denver.

The Cowboys missed a blocked punt that could have helped momentum swing towards Dallas. The Broncos quickly recovered what should have been Dallas’ ball from Denver’s side of 50.

This is a very ugly play. Instead of simply letting the ball fall on him, the Cowboys special assistant let the ball hit him in his facemask and deflected right back into the hands of the Broncos. It hasn’t been a good day for the Cowboys, evidently.

Cowboys’ blocked punt goes horribly sour

After missing Sunday’s Cowboys showdown with Minnesota Vikings, Dak Prescott thought it would be an easy game. Instead, Dallas has been quite inept offensively.

It’s true, I’ll tell it. This Cooper Rush-led offense was better than it looks.

Prescott is having a difficult time in all aspects. If he can’t turn things around quickly, Prescott could face some tough questions after the game.


Namely, did he return too quickly?

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