Cowboys Announce Injury Update For QB Andy Dalton

The Cowboys need to make a deal for this QB


Earlier in October, owner Jerry Jones said that the Dallas Cowboys had their quarterback in Andy Dalton. Two weeks later, there could be a new conversation.


Dalton has looked miserable in back to back blowout losses to the Arizona Cardinals, and most recently the Washington Football Team. Not only did the Cowboys lose 25-3 to Washington, but Dalton was knocked out of the game with a concussion.


Dalton took a devastating blow that led to him exiting the game. Officials are calling the hit to his head a concussion, which led to Ben DiNucci making his first NFL appearance.


Jonathan Bostic, the 29-year old linebacker for WFT, threw himself in Dalton as the quarterback slid before reaching the first down marker. Some writers believe that Bostic’s hit was dirty, including Marcus Mosher who tweeted, “Suspend Jon Bostic forever. What a garbage hit.”


It was not a clean hit. Quite frankly, it really doesn’t get much dirtier, so a fine and/or suspension is probably coming Bostic’s way. Bostic was ejected from the game for his hit on Dalton.


Seventh-round pick Ben DiNucci made an appearance, but he’s not the long-term answer at this point. Despite falling to 2-5 on the season, the Cowboys still have a shot at making the postseason.


ESPN’s Mina Kimes has a bold prediction. She believes that Jerry Jones could try and make a move for Fitzpatrick.


“Whispers in the general direction of Dallas: Ryan Fitzpatrick would win the NFC East,” Kimes wrote on Twitter.


It really couldn’t get that much worse in Dallas. If the Cowboys do not fix their issues, it could be a very long season. Fitzpatrick may not lead the team to a Super Bowl, but he would be the perfect band aid until at least next season.

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