Cooper Rush’s Dad Is Going Viral On NBC

It can be extremely stressful to play quarterback in the National Football League. It’s even more stressful to watch your son play quarterback for the National Football League.

Cooper Rush’s father is feeling exactly that on Sunday night.

On Sunday night, the Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback will make his national television debut. Lately, the Cowboys and Vikings are locked in a tight battle.

Multiple times, Rush’s dad has been shown on NBC. It’s quite heartwarming to see, since the Cowboys quarterback’s father is clearly nervous.


As his son led his offense on potential game-winning or tie-breaking drives, the Cowboys’ quarterback father was captured saying, “Just be smart, just being smart.”

It’s a favorite among NFL fans.

The Cowboys and Vikings are locked in a tight contest. With less than one minute remaining in the fourth quarter, Dallas trails Minnesota by 16-13

Tonight’s game will air on NBC.

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