Colin Cowherd Settles The Aaron Rodgers vs. Patrick Mahomes Debate

The Kansas City Chiefs have not been affected by Tyreek Hill’s departure during the first two weeks in 2022. Andy Reid’s offense has averaged 35.5 points per match so far.

Colin Cowherd used Chiefs’ recent offensive success to make a comparison between Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and Friday’s episodeThe Herd.

Cowherd doesn’t believe that there should be a debate among Mahomes or Rodgers. Cowherd would give the edge to Kansas City’s young gunslinger.

“So Mahomes loses his top home-run hitter, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he’ll be just as productive,” Cowherd said. “Aaron Rodgers loses his top receiver, they score seven points in the opening game. Both have offensive coaches, both have excellent organizations, both have better than average offensive lines. I’d argue Aaron Rodgers plays in a much easier division, much easier conference and has more experience.”

Cowherd continued: “Don’t tell me Aaron Rodgers is better than Patrick Mahomes. Save your breath.”

In Week 1, Rodgers failed to make it through 22 of 34 pass attempts, accumulating 195 yards and one interception. In that game, AJ Dillon, running back, was the Packers’ top receiver.

Rodgers should find it a lot easier after Allen Lazard’s ankle injury has been repaired.

Mahomes seems to enjoy throwing the ball to Travis Kelce and Travis Edwards-Helaire.

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