Colin Cowherd Reacts To Sean Payton, Cowboys Speculation

Sean Payton is no more a head coach for the NFL.

On Tuesday, Payton announced his resignation as the head coach for the New Orleans Saints. The shocking announcement was quickly followed by speculations about Payton’s future.

Payton is widely believed to be in the TV business for at most one year. The question is: There’s speculation that he could coach the Dallas Cowboys 2023.

Here are the thoughts of Colin Cowherd about this possibility:

“Sean Payton has a home in Dallas, used to be on the Cowboys’ staff, has relationships there, spends a lot of time there. Jerry [Jones] loves him. I think that would be the No. 1 choice,” Cowherd said regarding the Payton-Cowboys speculation. “Dallas has a good roster. Now, Sean Payton has three years left on his contract. So the Cowboys would have to trade to get him. But they’ve got a lot of good pieces. … Sean Payton’s the type of guy that can take a quarterback like Dak [Prescott] and move him a half a grade. … Dallas make a ton of sense.”

Sean Payton will likely be pursued by more than one team, including the Cowboys. Colin Cowherd believes that the Raiders might also be in the mix.

Payton’s relationship with the Dallas Cowboys may be the tipping point.

This is only the beginning of speculation about Payton’s future.

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