Chiefs Want to Trade up for Human Cheat Code and That Seems Incredibly Unfair to NFL Defenses

If the NFL was smart, they wouldn’t let this happen.


We’ve heard of the dynasties of the New York Yankees, Golden State Warriors, and New England Patriots.


If the Kansas City Chiefs can pull off this trade, then we might have heard the birth of the next great dynasty.


If Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, and Mecole Hardman wasn’t enough on offense, then bringing in Alabama’s Henry Ruggs II would be the cherry on top. According to reports, the Chiefs are looking into trading up in the draft in order to claim the speedster from Alabama.


According to Peter King in Football Morning in America, the Chiefs are wanting to move up from No. 32 overall to as high as No. 15, which is the pick possessed by the divisional rival Denver Broncos.


However, how that is going to happen is unknown. The Chiefs are dead last in salary cap. The team also has just five picks, so not a lot of room for compensation. Ruggs has been projected to go as high as No. 15, even though ESPN’s Mel Kiper recently projected him to fall to the Dallas Cowboys at No. 17 overall.


This sounds like a pipe dream on a slow news day. The Chiefs don’t have enough to make a deal. Plus, the Broncos, 49ers, Jets, Raiders, Cowboys, and Packers need receiver help.


The Browns at No. 10 are rumored to be interested in trading down, but reports suggest they are looking at being in the 20s, while also securing an extra pick in the first round.


Keep dreaming Kansas City.

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