Chiefs President Addresses Possible Relocation

The Kansas City Chiefs are considering moving.

Chiefs President Mark Donovan reiterated this week that his team may leave Kansas City.

All options are available. Kansas City could choose to stay at Arrowhead or move to the suburbs. Or, it could build a new stadium.

He said that All those are on the table, via the Kansas City Star. “Take a deep breath. That’s the perspective I want to offer everyone. There is a lot to be done.

This will be a lengthy process.

The Chiefs need to ask themselves if building a new stadium is worth it. They sound like they are still in the early stages of these discussions.

“We have to ask ourselves if it makes sense to build something new. You can’t have that conversation and get serious about it until your facts are clear. He said that it would take some time.

It is not a good idea to rush a construction project this large. Chiefs will take their time.

Kansas City will be considering several options. It could move to another location, or stay at Arrowhead. Or it could build a new stadium.

No matter what decision is made by the Chiefs, Arrowhead will host them this season.

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