CeeDee Lamb Reacts To Cowboys’ Interest In Odell Beckham

There have been many discussions over Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Dallas Cowboys in the last two weeks.

CeeDee Lamb is currently leading the Cowboys wide receivers room. Michael Gallup is also in charge. The former was asked Thursday about Beckham’s interest by the Cowboys.

Lamb stated that he does not view Beckham’s push by the Cowboys as a disrespect to his position as No. 1. Wide receiver on the depth charts.

Lamb actually believes that the Cowboys should take on Beckham before the regular season ends.

“MG is a No. 1 receiver also,”¬†Lamb said.¬†“We had three No. 1 receivers my rookie year. Why not get back to that?”

With 42 receptions for 556 yards, Lamb is Dallas’ top receiver. Gallup has 135 yards and one touchdown in five games.

Gallup and Lamb will have more room to attack their opponents by adding Beckham.

The Cowboys are at 6-2 going into their Week 10 matchup with the Packers.

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