Calls Are Growing For Jets To Trade For Cowboys Quarterback

As long as Zach Wilson remains the worst quarterback in NFL, the New York Jets will be asked to trade for a replacement. One new player has been named as a possible candidate.

In the last few days, more and more fans have called for the Jets’ to trade for Dallas Cowboys’ third-string quarterback Cooper Rush.

Rush is not being singled out for any particular reason, except that he may be one of the most successful quarterbacks in his role as third-string quarterback. This would make him more affordable for the Jets to purchase if they were to do so.

Rush has been a starter since 2021 and is 5-1. He completes 59 percent of his passes, with eight touchdowns and four interceptions. It’s not amazing, but it is still better than Zach Wilson. And the fans know it.

New York Jets’ playoff hopes will likely be over if they do not win at least one of their two next games. They could possibly recover from a 1-3 start. A 1-4 start is impossible to recover from.

The Jets should have made a quarterback change yesterday. Today is the second best option.

Should the Jets trade Cooper Rush?


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