California Training Camp for Cowboys has been Announced


The Dallas Cowboys released their updated schedule Thursday afternoon.


The Cowboys will travel to Oxnard in California in less than a month – where they missed last season. The Cowboys will depart July 20 to spend three-and-a half weeks on the West Coast after the pandemic changed things.

Pro Football Talk highlights the most important moments from the Cowboys’ upcoming training camp;

” The team will have the opening ceremony on Saturday, July 24. The Cowboys’ first padded practice is Wednesday, July 28.

The Cowboys play the Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 5 before returning to California. They have a joint practice with the Rams on Saturday, Aug. 7.

Dallas breaks the California portion of camp on Thursday, Aug. 12, to travel to Phoenix for a preseason game against the Cardinals.”


The Cowboys expect to see the team at its best heading into the new season. The 2020 campaign was halted by injuries to Dak Preston and the majority of the offensive line.

Prescott had earlier this week sent Cowboys fans a message stating that the 2021 season would “be special.”

“We are excited for this season. He said that it would be a very, very special year for Cowboys fans and us.

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