Broncos strongly considering top Cowboys assistant for head coaching job

The Denver Broncos fired Vic Fangio, and began their search for a new coach. As the franchise seeks the best coach, they have already asked for multiple interviews. They seem to be looking for a current Dallas Cowboys assistant.

According Ian Rapoport the Broncos intend to interview Dan Quinn. Quinn is a strong candidate for Denver because they like his work in Dallas. Quinn’s last stint as a head coach was not a good one. He left the Atlanta Falcons with a mess.

The Broncos have many qualified candidates to choose from. They have hired two defensive gurus as their head coaches in the past. Dan Quinn, another defensive-minded coach, fits this mold. They run the risk of repeating the same mistakes twice if Quinn is hired.

The Broncos will not make a snap decision. We’ll have to wait and see how this all turns out. It’s best to take their time in the hiring process, because Denver has many valuable pieces that any coach would love. Denver must take the right decision to return to the NFL’s track record.

The Broncos will interview several candidates before making a final decision. Kellen Moore is also being considered by the Broncos. Denver may be interested in Flores’ interview after the unexpected departure of Brian Flores from the Miami Dolphins.

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