BREAKING: Former Dallas Cowboys Running back found dead at 38

On Wednesday, former Dallas Cowboys running back  died in his apartment. He was 38 years old. He was a Cowboys running back for six seasons. He earned Pro Bowl honors in 2007 for his rush for 975 yards and 10 touchdowns.

According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, Marion Barber (ex-running back for Dallas Cowboys) was found dead in his apartment on Wednesday. At this point, details of Barber’s death are not known. Frisco police spokesperson said that officers responded to a welfare concern, but they could not provide further information.

Barber was only 38 years old. His birthday is June 10. After seven years in the NFL, Barber retired with 4,780 yards rushing and 53 touchdowns. He played six years in Dallas before joining the Chicago Bears. He rushed for 422 yards with six touchdowns.

The Dallas Cowboys selected the former star running back from Minnesota in the fourth round 2005 NFL Draft.

Barber, who retired from the NFL in 2016, has been struggling with numerous post-career issues. In 2014, Barber was detained and taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation. Barber was also detained in 2019 on misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief following an incident in which he was accused of having damaged two vehicles.

Dez Bryant, a former Cowboys receiver, commented almost one year ago on a Twitter video showing Barber’s highlights. He explained that he didn’t like watching it because he was aware of how difficult Barber’s life was at the time.

“As I watch this video and me knowing exactly how Marion Barber life is going right now today is why I built Personal Corner. I can’t even enjoy it because he’s down and out bad. We are just a stat and moments to most people,” said Bryant.

We do not have any details about his death at this time.

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