BREAKING: Dallas Cowboys consider sitting Ezekiel Elliott next game due to injured knee

According to ESPN, the Dallas Cowboys may consider giving running back Ezekiel Ell some extra time to recover from the knee injury that he has been dealing with. This could include possibly keeping him out of the game next Thursday night in New Orleans.

According to the source, Elliott is not being placed on injured reserve at this moment.

Elliott has downplayed his injury’s significance repeatedly. Elliott was asked last week if he had ever discussed taking time off with his coaches.

He said, “It’s football.” “You get hurt. You won’t be 100%. I’m tough. It’s okay to fail.

Coach Mike McCarthy expressed concern over Elliott during a conference call on Friday.

McCarthy stated, “It’s that season of the year.” “Zeke is a fierce runner. He is a hard worker and takes a lot of hits. That needs to be evaluated, and we’ll find out what his preparation looks like this week.

The Cowboys have dropped three of their last four games and Elliott’s total rushing yards has fallen each week — from 51 to 41, 32 to 25 yards against Las Vegas Raiders.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that Elliott was not able to play after Thursday’s 36-3 overtime loss to Raiders. He also said that coaches were trying to establish the running game, and 25 touches for Tony Pollard.

Through Week 8, the Cowboys averaged 152 yards of rushing per game and almost 5 yards per attempt. This is down to 84.5 yards per contest and 3.8 yards per rush in the four previous games.

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