Andrew Whitworth Responds To Dallas Cowboys Rumors

Andrew Whitworth, a four-time Pro Bowl left tackle, announced his retirement after a Super Bowl victory with the Los Angeles Rams. Whitworth was called back after the Dallas Cowboys were in desperate need of stability at the position.

There were several rumors and reports yesterday suggesting that Whitworth was being approached by the Dallas Cowboys to  come out of retirement. It is possible that the interest was mutual.

Whitworth, however, has poured cold water onto that line of thinking. Whitworth took to Twitter to clarify that the Cowboys had not reached out to him and that he wouldn’t be interested in them even if they did.

“I answered many messages yesterday from national and a few dallas sports reporters and journalist. The “people” I mentioned last night. Asking me if cowboys had reached out? Or if I was interested? Answer was “No” 2 both! Appreciate them for doing it the right way!” Whitworth said.

The seed of the idea is planted and will likely continue to grow for quite some time.

For what is likely to be more than two to three months, the Dallas Cowboys’ star left tackle TyronSmith was lost by the Cowboys. It is crucial to ensure stability in a critical position like left tackle, with the Super Bowl at our minds.

Andrew Whitworth is fresh from a Super Bowl victory, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t want another one.

Do the Dallas Cowboys need to try and recruit Whitworth?

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