Amari Cooper Reveals What He Was Telling Cooper Rush

Cooper-to Cooper connection made waves Sunday for the Dallas Cowboys as quarterback Cooper Rush found wide receiver Amari Cooper eight time for 122 yards and the game-winning touchdown against Minnesota Vikings.

Amari Cooper spoke to the media and revealed the things he had been telling Rush all game. Amari Cooper told Rush, the Cowboys’ backup quarterback, to “trust the matchups from the outside” and made it clear that the Vikings could not guard them.

“I was speaking to Cooper Rush like, “Man, just trust matchups outside. Cooper stated that these guys don’t have the ability to guard us. I tried to repeat that to him. It seemed to have stuck with him and that’s exactly what he did.

Cooper’s motivational speech seemed to work. Rush destroyed the Vikings defense and completed 60 percent of his passes for 325 yard and two touchdowns in a win 20-16.

Rush’s fourth quarter touchdown pass to Cooper marked the first time a quarterback had thrown a TD to a receiver who shares his last name.

Cooper Rush’s first NFL start was a success for the Dallas Cowboys. They will be playing the Denver Broncos next week and might not have Dak Prescott available.

Rush’s performance in a game like this will give them confidence on the road.

Amari Cooper will be there to give Rush a pep talk if he needs it.

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