4 quarterbacks Cowboys can trade for to replace Dak Prescott

With Cooper Rush as the QB2, the Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback situation was among the worst in the league. With the Dak Prescott injury, Jerry Jones now has two options. He could either go with Rush, which would mean he might lose his grip on the season, or he could look for a trade for a quarterback. Jerry doesn’t like the first option so we will consider option 2. Here are the top options America’s Team has for a Cowboys quarterback swap, even if Prescott is out of town for 6-8 weeks.

4. Jordan Loves Packers
Although it is unlikely, the Cowboys could make this trade with the Green Bay Packers, despite the fact that there is a deep quarterback draft in 2023, and no consensus on Jordan Love’s viability as an NFL quarterback.

Love has only one career start, and he has three more interceptions (three) than touchdowns (2). He still has the talent to be a first-round selection in 2020. For two seasons, he sat alongside Aaron Rodgers, one of the greatest ever to do it. Love has Dak Prescott-like skills that could make him an ideal fit for the Cowboys offense.

Although it’s unlikely, Jerry Jones should be contacted about this trade. It may work if the Packers aren’t convinced by Love but have an eye on next year’s draft.

3. Taylor Heinicke and Washington Commanders
After the Dak Prescott injury, the Cowboys’ greatest problem is that there are no Cowboys backup quarterbacks/Cowboys quarterback trade possibilities. Garner Minshew could be a great Prescott replacement, but it is unlikely that the Eagles would trade a valuable piece like this to a division rival.

Jones should contact the Commanders to discuss Taylor Heinicke. The Commanders have Carson Wentz as their starting quarterback and Sam Howell, a rookie who did well in the preseason , waiting in the wings. This should make Heinicke available at the right price.

Dallas will pay a higher price because they are in Washington’s Division. However, it may be worth it to save the season. Heinicke was a Cowboys’ QB last season, going 7-8 with 3,419 yards passing, 20 touchdowns, and 15 INTs. He also has playoff experience.

2. Tyrod Taylor, New York Giants
Tyrod Taylor is the other NFC East QB that could be traded for a Cowboys quarterback. Tyrod Taylor, the Giants backup, is a consummate professional who can help a team get through a tough time like he would after Dak Prescott’s injury.

Taylor is 26-25-1 with a winning record and has 59 touchdowns to 25 picks. Although he’s not Prescott, if Jerry Jones can get him out of the Cowboys’ division rival, it would be a good option.

Even though the Giants won on Sunday, the franchise remains in major rebuilding mode. NY is getting a good pick in return for Taylor, who is not part of the long-term plans.

1. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers
After the Dak Prescott injury Jerry Jones must explore the Cowboys’ quarterback trade. Jimmy Garoppolo, a San Francisco 49ers, is the next step.

This is the deal the 49ers waited for, and why they kept Jimmy G.

That time has come, and Jerry Jones is on Line 1

Garoppolo’s move out of the Bay Area will be a significant expense (maybe even a first round pick), but Jones and his team believe they can save the season.

The Cowboy might have to deal with the possibility that Jimmy G may not be as eager to part ways with the 49ers as they were a few days ago. In a shock loss to the Bears, Trey Lance looked terrible. There are at least a few 49ers people who believe Garoppolo’s return to the 49ers as a starter is a possibility.

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