3 Tony Pollard trade destinations if Cowboys choose to keep Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys appear to be at crossroads with their running team. Ezekiel Elliot is still under contract and they won’t be able to get out of the deal given its structure. Tony Pollard is a dynamic and dangerous player.

It would be logical for the Cowboys to choose Pollard over Elliott as their lead back, considering that Pollard is younger, has less mileage and is more likely to get better.

If Jerry Jones and the team want to keep Elliott, they shouldn’t keep  Pollard’s talent wasted as a backup player when he could be a much greater asset to Dallas on trade markets.

Tony Pollard could be anywhere if that was the direction the team took. This would make sense.

Cowboys: Three Tony Pollard trade destinations for Cowboys if Dallas stays with Ezekiel Elliott

3. Atlanta Falcons

Arthur Smith, the Falcons’ first-year head coach, appears to be the only one in the NFL to have figured out how Cordarrelle Patterson could be used. However, the truth is that there is no true running back for the offense.

Patterson was selected to lead the Atlanta offense after Mike Davis, a free agent acquisition, proved ineffective as the team’s lead ball-carrier. There are no young options on the roster waiting for their turn. Pollard is a potential asset.

One question that would make it difficult for the Falcons to add a player like Pollard is whether Atlanta plans to start a full-scale rebuild soon. This could mean that Atlanta doesn’t want any draft picks traded. If they keep trying to hang on, the Cowboys running back should be on their radar.

2. Miami Dolphins

It is still somewhat puzzling why the Dolphins refuse to sign Myles Gaskin, their featured running back, to their offense. The former Washington Huskies star has, for the most part performed well when given plenty of opportunities.

It doesn’t matter what the reason behind it, it is clear that Miami would like to have another option for the backfield. While it’s true that the offensive line needs to improve, as young Tua Tagovailoa says, an upgrade at running back would be a great addition to the offense.

Pollard’s dual-threat abilities as both a runner/pass-catcher, along with his explosiveness, could be attractive. Jaylen Waddle, a young playmaker, would make the Dolphins a dynamic group of skill position players.

1. Baltimore Ravens

First, let me say that this is not an exaggerated reaction to the Ravens’ running back situation for the 2021 season. All of us know Baltimore had planned to have J.K. Dobbins as its lead back, but injuries thwarted that plan. Plans B and C were also canceled after Gus Edwards was hurt. Justice Hill was also ruled out for the season.

We’ve seen that Lamar Jackson’s Ravens offense is most dangerous when it’s running in running backs in a top heavy committee. The possibility of a Dobbins/Pollard combination is a compelling thought.

Baltimore’s defenses would have a hard time keeping up with two players who can run and catch well, but also have the ability to make big plays at any moment. Jackson is another playmaker that can do both. This is something the Ravens should consider.

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