3 surprise roster cuts the Cowboys could make before Week 1

Dallas Cowboys fans may be a little skeptical. There is a history of them cutting players who are picked up by other teams. This could happen again for the Cowboys roster cuts this year. This applies to the cuts fans may expect and any that might catch them off-guard.

The Cowboys are America’s Team so the emphasis is more prominent here. However, there is no way to escape reality. There are certain cuts that must be made. Here are some Cowboys roster cuts which might surprise some fans.

3. Malik Davis
Many fans are anxious about Malik Davis. He has done an admirable job in the few opportunities he had, but he is also fourth on our RB totem pole. Rico Dowdle has more experience on special teams, so Dallas would not have four running backs. Aaron Shampklin is also a Cowboys running back. However, Shampklin was injured after running the ball 13 times for 54 yards in Friday’s preseason match against the Seattle Seahawks.

Davis was a star in Cowboys’ preseason games. His performances have put pressure on the decision-makers. The former Gators running back ran eight times for 51 yards against the Denver Broncos. Davis then scored his first touchdown, gaining 37 yards in eight attempts against Los Angeles Chargers. He then ran the ball 15 times to Seattle for 44 yards.

Keep in mind, however, that it is unlikely that all four running backs will be retained by the Cowboys. Davis should be considered if Dallas decides to keep those many.

However, it’s more likely that they will keep three and include Davis among their roster cuts. Rico Dowdle and Davis will be the RB3 spots. The coaches would prefer Dowdle because of his expertise in special teams, but Davis is trying to make things difficult.

2. C.J. Goodwin
Cornerback C.J. Goodwin is a fascinating case study. While Goodwin is a very ineffective defensive player, he is one of the most valuable special-teams players in the league. Goodwin is a Cowboys CB and has three reliable starters. Three young prospects were also selected in the second, third and fifth rounds of the recent drafts. As the season draws to a close, there may be too many corners in the Cowboys roster.

Dallas could let Goodwin go. The team could release him, but he would be recalled only after the returnable IR has been completed for the 53rd time. He could be released and added to the practice team, where he would then be available for gameday calls.

The Cowboys can also choose to cut him in order to make room for injured players such as James Washington and Michael Gallup. They may sign Goodwin again to bring him back into the team once he is on injured reserve. This tactic has been used in Dallas before. It’s not surprising to see it used again, especially when you consider the special teams stud that are at its core.

1. Carlos Watkins
Carlos Watkins, a veteran defensive lineman, is an excellent example. He was the team’s first thick-6 back in 2021. He might still get caught up in the numbers game and be among the Cowboys roster cuts before Week 1.

He signed for a one year veteran contract and didn’t pay a lot in the offseason. Watkins would be a risk but the Cowboys could retain him if they need a spot on their roster to allow for someone moving to returnable IR.

Watkins was the obvious choice for the No. 1 position prior to training camp. 2 left defensive tackle behind Osa Odighizuwa. It’s more surprising that Trysten Hill, a healthy and active woman, has been doing so well right now. Hill had an impressive strip sack and recovery in the loss to the Chargers backups. After struggling in his early career and missing much last season due to injury, Hill managed this feat. Hill’s sudden rise means Watkins will be cut if he does get cut.

Watkins played a great season with the Cowboys, but this team will be relying on young talent to make a difference at defensive tackle. The seasoned Watkins may not be able to make it onto the roster for the first week. We will see what the Cowboys decide.

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