2 reasons Jimmy Garoppolo to the Cowboys makes perfect sense after Dak Prescott injury

The 2022 NFL season began with a disappointing start for the Dallas Cowboys. The Sunday night matchup saw them lose 19-3 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They never had a chance of winning. They have accumulated three points, which is the lowest total in a season opener dating back to 1989. Dak Prescott’s injury was perhaps even more worrying than the insufficient offensive production. Prescott was injured while trying to throw a pass. It happened with six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Prescott was forced to leave the game after a similarly interrupted follow-through, in which his hand came into contact with the Buccaneers rusher on backto-to-back.

Jerry Jones quickly provided a pessimistic update after the game. After sustaining a broken hand, the Cowboys’ QB will miss six to eight weeks. After Prescott’s exit, Cooper Rush entered the game and completed seven pass attempts for 64 yards. Although Rush is positive, it’s difficult to believe that he can be a good option for Prescott while he is out of the game.

Rumours abound that the Cowboys may turn to the market to find a better option for their center. In these conversations, Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers backup quarterback, has been a constant topic. There will be more information in the next days about how much interest there is, but here are two reasons why trading to the Cowboys for the quarterback would make sense.

2. Stylistically
A quarterback is often referred to as “game-manager” in a negative light. Some quarterbacks are not able to self-create the same way as Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen. This isn’t the only way you can win a football match.

It would be fantastic if every team had a starting quarterback who can make magic out of seemingly nothing. However, this is not the case. Jimmy Garoppolo and Dak Prescott are not players that can be confused with this type of quarterback’s skillsets, which is a positive.

From a stylistic standpoint, the current 49ers backup quarterback would be a seamless replacement for Dak Prescott. Both are skilled quarterbacks and are capable of passing the ball around and allowing skill positions to make plays. Their football intelligence and decision-making are more important than their athleticism or athletic ability. It would be easy to bring Jimmy Garoppolo into the Cowboys’ system. This transition could also be made quickly. The process would be significantly simplified if there were no major changes made to the plan or expectations.

1. Win-Now Mode
The Cowboys had an offseason that was confusing for them. It wasn’t clear where they were going. Although some moves might not be in the right direction, like trading Amari Cooper to get a fifth-round draft pick or a sixth-round pick swap for him, the Cowboys’ intentions should be to contend. The NFC East is still open, despite the Eagles’ strong offseason. They looked solid in Week 1. Their chances of making it to the postseason are also increased by their newly expanded playoff format.

Dallas has a division at stake and a manageable schedule. They should try to stay in win-now mode. While the franchise must improve its overall play, moving forward with Cooper Rush would be a disaster for their hopes for the season. While Jimmy Garoppolo has his faults, adding him to the team would be a statement about the team’s intentions. The 30-year-old has never lost as a starter (minimum 5 starts per year), and led the 49ers’ 13-3 record three seasons ago. He is a veteran with five postseason wins in his career.

Although the 49ers were quick to get Trey Lance in the starting lineup, it should be viewed more as a compliment than a criticism of Garoppolo. He threw for 3810 yard and 20 touchdowns last season. San Francisco went 10-7, and was awarded the playoff birth thanks to his NFL-best 12.7 yards per pass completion. The 49ers made a lot of noise in the playoffs, including beating the Cowboys to reach the NFC Championship.

Jimmy Garoppolo can be an asset to the Cowboys if they believe in the core that they have built. Dallas will be able to count on a more reliable starter once Dak Prescott returns. Garoppolo will light up and increase the offense’s firepower. The Cowboys offense was not perfect even before Prescott’s injury. This move could serve to wake up Dak when Prescott returns, or give Garoppolo the chance to be a starter again. It gives the Cowboys a better chance of a successful season.

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