Stephen A. Smith Reveals His Super Bowl Prediction For Cowboys

We are getting closer to the close of the 2022 NFL regular-season, which means that the playoffs will soon be upon us.

The best teams are beginning to stand out from the rest and media pundits get excited about possible Super Bowl matchups.

Stephen A. Smith, an analyst at ESPN, presented the Super Bowl matchup he wanted to see on Wednesday morning. It featured a team that Smith loves to cheer on.

“The Cowboys and the Chiefs,” Smith said. “I’d love to see that. The fall would be so steep (for the Cowboys). You see, the Cowboy fans would be hyped and they would have already crowned themselves Super Bowl champions before the game. Don’t get me wrong, it would be rough for me because¬†First Take¬†is coming to the Super Bowl. I will be in the house all week long. If you thought that the tears you saw on the faces of those fans were bad when they lost to the 49ers last year, could you imagine how it’s going to be when they go to the Super Bowl and lose?”

This scenario could make Cowboys fans “The Joker” forever.

Smith would love this matchup if it were to happen, as he hates Cowboys. This matchup would be a lot of offense, which many fans love.

It will be interesting to see if the teams can make it through their respective conferences.

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