Peyton Manning Makes His Opinion On Russell Wilson Very Clear

Peyton Manning still has a strong interest in the Denver Broncos, even after his retirement in 2015. Peyton Manning had some thoughts about Russell Wilson’s return to his old team.

Manning spoke to the media about Denver, saying that it marks “a new chapter.” Manning was referring to his time as a former Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Manning said that Wilson could bring the Broncos back from where they were in 2015.

Manning stated, via NFL.com. “Broncos players and fans are hungry. The Broncos have been suffering from a bit of drought over the last few years. It’s time for them to get back to their best.

In Super Bowl XLVIII, Wilson and Manning were famously reunited. Manning couldn’t move the ball against the Seahawks defense, while Wilson was efficient enough to win a 43-8 victory.

Peyton Manning would end his NFL career with a win in Super Bowl 50, the last game of his NFL career. Russell Wilson lost Super Bowl XLIX, and hasn’t been back to the NFC Championship Game in years.

Wilson’s status as a top quarterback has been maintained over the past five years. However, this has not translated into much success in the postseason.

After their worst season in a decade, the Seahawks had to make the difficult decision to trade Wilson. Denver is now their gain.

Can Russell Wilson live up to Peyton Manning’s expectations?

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