Broncos Insider Sends Clear Message Amid Jerry Jeudy Trade Rumors

Although he is only in his second year with Denver Broncos there are rumors that wide receiver Jerry Jeudy may be leaving the team. These rumors were addressed by a Broncos insider.

Benjamin Allbright, a Broncos insider, posted a tweet on Friday with information from a source regarding Jeudy’s situation with the team. He sent that message, which was essentially “no plans” for Jeudy to be traded.

“‘Lol, no. After signing Courtland [Sutton] or Tim [Patrick], we have no plans of trading Jerry Jeudy. Albright stated that all three factors are important to our long-term plans.

Jerry Jeudy has been limited to four games due to injuries. He has 22 receptions, 228 yards, and 12 first downs.

Jerry Jeudy, a 2020 Alabama native, was regarded as one of the best receivers in the NFL Draft. He was No. 15 for the Broncos. He was able to play at No. 15 and the Broncos rewarded him with a great rookie season.

Jeudy had 52 receptions, 856 yards and three touchdowns in 2020. Jeudy also had the longest season-long reception in the league, with a 92 yard touchdown against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 17.

Jeudy has been sidelined by injuries since last season. The Broncos are content with Courtland Smith, Noah Fant, and Tim Patrick who have combined for more than 1,400 yards and nine touchdowns.

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